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Creating a Kitchen


Tips and Essentials for the Aspiring Scratch Cook



  • Salt  -  Brings out the flavor of everything, coarse kosher is great 

  • Black Pepper  -  Fresh cracked peppercorns are best, an essential 

  • Olive Oil  -  Healthy source of fat, good for frying, beware of imitators 

  • Canola/Vegetable Oil  -  Higher smoke point than olive oil, great for dressings/marinades 

  • Vinegar  -  Adds acidity to foods : white wine, balsamic, cider all winners 

  • Sugar/Honey/Maple Syrup  -  Act as a sweetener, honey is a great natural sweetener 

  • Garlic and Yellow Onions  -  Used in practically every savory dish, great for digestion 

  • Chicken/Vegetable Stock  -  Helpful in making a quick soup, adds flavor to other sauces 



  • ​Dried Spices  -  Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Coriander, Chili Flakes, Cumin 

  • Dried Rice   -  A great addition to a lot of meals, long shelf life if stored properly 

  • Pasta  -  Great to make a quick meal by adding to cooked veggies 

  • Dried Beans  -  Have to be soaked (plan ahead!), cheap source of protein

  • Canned Tomatoes  -  Crushed or whole, great for chili, sauces, soups 

  • Bottled Lemon Juice  -  Needed in savory and sweet dishes, teas, other beverages

  • Soy Sauce  -  Necessity for most types of Asian cuisine 

  • All-Purpose Flour  -  Works for bread, pie crusts, pizza dough, anything! 

  • Corn Starch  -  Thickens sauces - mix with warm water first! 

  • Dijon Mustard   -  Helpful for vinaigrettes or great as a condiment 

  • Eggs  -  Great source of protein, quick meal to have on hand 

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