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The Good Food Bus is a mobile food market, creating easier access to good food.  We are a market on wheels with stops across Maine in Lewiston-Auburn, Bath, and Lisbon. Our goal is to bring you food that is local, convenient, and affordable.


The Good Food Bus strives to provide direct and convenient access to fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs, bread, honey, pickles, dried fruit, nuts, frozen prepared items, and Anchor Meals (ready-to-make meals).  We strive to help all Maine people put good food on their tables with an emphasis on those individuals and families who are at greater risk for food insecurity. 


Our goal is to make the better choice the easier one. We believe that good food is the foundation of a vibrant and healthy community.  We value and prioritize locally sourced food.  The majority of our items are locally sourced from Maine; however, we do carry some favorites from away, like citrus and peanuts.


The Good Food Bus employs innovative food access strategies while working to meet the needs of the diverse communities in which it operates.  We operate our markets at a mixture of neighborhood and business locations, which allows us to reach a diversity of people including people experience financial hardship or food insecurity.  By applying these strategies, we are able also  to serve a range of cultural and linguistic communities in Lewiston and Westbrook including generational Mainers and New Americans hailing from places such as Somalia, Kenya, Congo, Angola, and Iraq.


We recognize that the Good Food Bus is only one approach and strategy in the gamut of food access work being done in and around Maine.  We work in concert with other farmers’ markets, farm stands, and corner stores as part of an active network in pursuit of a more just food system.


All Maine people struggle in some way to make healthy food choices all the time. Making good food more accessible for all is the cornerstone of our model including offering programs that help make the food we sell more affordable.

16% of Mainers 

struggle with hunger

1 in 6 Mainers 

is food insecure

29.9% of Adults in Maine 

are obese

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